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Sunscreem Theme for Windows 98!

A desktop theme I cobbled together utilizing some images and sounds of the UK band Sunscreem.  Includes startup/shutdown screens, two desktop images, icons and sound files.

Format: WinZip; File Size: 1.05 Mb
View the Desktop Image.


In this section you will find inscribed tirades for or against various things that affect my life in some large or small way, laced with traces of what I hope is humour in an attempt to not offend the ignorant.  The reason I'm doing this is because I've noticed the way people eagerly and enthusiastically tend to begin daydreaming whenever I get warmed up talking about any of my particular passions in life.  So sod them, here I can say what I want without having anybody interrupting - especially if their intention is to disagree.  You may feel free to e-mail me at any time if you find anything objectionable, or just wish to astound me by supporting my heartfelt crusades.  If what you say is equally relevant or enlightening, your comments may be included here to provide contrast.  If what you say is moronic, irrelevant, vulgar or generally betrays the mongoloid behaviour of many members of this planet's population, then it may also be included here as an indication that many of you need to stay on your medication.

So here it is, an insight into the workings of my mind, and the things I think about more than is necessarily healthy.  In committing some of these things to written form, I can spend extra time pursuing more fruitful matters - such as thinking of other things to complain about.

1 Knight Rider: A Retrospective This is an article that first appeared in For Maddened Prophets Issue One, the first of only two cult-oriented fanzines some friends and I managed to get together.
2 Don't Answer the Phone... Ever Again
(Added 12 May 1999)
In my yet-to-be illustrious career, I have served as a telemarketer, a profession some people consider to be the Work of the Dark Lord.  If I could just ask you for a moment of your time, I'd like to tell you a little about it.
3 Fandom Isn't...
(Added 6 August 1999)
Your guide to recognizing a science fiction fan when you smell one.
4 Anti-Football League
(Added 11 October 1999)
Australians love Organized Thuggery (more commonly known as Aussie Rules Football).  They also love beer.  Give them both at once and they're positively orgasmic.
5 The Next Degradation
(Added 20 January 2000)
Have you ever stopped to take a look at what kids are watching on TV these days?  No?  I don't blame you.


For the brief period listed below I kept an eye on local, some national and some international news events that I thought worthy of commenting on... usually at the expense of religion, Liberals, Americans, sportspersons, religion, and... that's about it.  I could have kept going but John Howard doesn't need me to tell the world how much of a wanker he is, and the effort would be wasted on George Dubya as well.

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